The Folks Below

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Went to see The Folks Below at The Main Crust, Marlborough NH. Awesome pizza, awesome music, awesome time.

Holly is exquisite! The only singer/songwriter/general awesome musiciany awesomeness artist I know of (minus my aunt Patty Larkin, but in a different, though still folkymusic way) who captures&shares exactly what messages I feel need to be communicated.. In that way where it’s like; “Yep, she gets it. Gets it to a tea”. Not just her words but the rest. Splizendidly tizalented.


In My Heart

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Though we will always disagree
You are in my heart.
Though you I’ll never want to see

You’re still in my heart.
All our plans were fantasy–
You drove us apart.
Though to you it’s all money
You are in my heart.

Even though you stole from me
You are in my heart.
Though you pretended to help me
You’re still in my heart.
No matter how far apart we’ll be
You’ll always have a place within me.
The kind words and hugs we shared
In my heart never disappeared.
Half a year is a long time.
I hate to see the ending rhymes
But that is just how it has to be.
Your shaky soul is still tied to me.
Due to the sweet memories that will linger till last I breathe
I wish you the best there could ever be.
Too bad we can’t still be family
Though we will never change this fact.
I want you to know
That in my prayers’ act
Your name will be in the back of my mind.
Unshakable till the end of time.
It saddens me things ended like they did.
I will never wish ill on you
But you know what you did.
Maybe you should think before you act.
You’re almost at angel status
But here on Earth you lack
The ability to apply your knowledge
At the same time as your past.
Renew yourself.
You’re almost there.

Just appreciate

What is where.

And stay away from other people’s things.

This doesn’t rhyme well.
But I hope you see

Things soon may work out for you.

Fine, thanks; they are working out well for me.

The Beauty of The Girl

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The beauty of the girl in red
Is she makes your heart beat,

The beauty of the girl in green,
Is that she will
Make you sing
Despite your lack of performing

The beauty of the girl in black
Is that she can somehow track
When your heart feels broken.

The beauty of the girl in white
Is she can always ignite

That spark in you.

The beauty of the girl in brown
Is that she can flip your frown
To a smile that lasts so long
It starts to have its own theme song.

The beauty of the girl in pink
Is she has that so-naughty wink
That can make anyone think…

The beauty of the girl in pants
Makes you want to watch her dance.

The beauty of the girl in sweats
Is she can make you need rest
From the tempos she motivates you to move with.

The beauty of the girl in that multi-colored gown
Is she supplies the glow,
Making quite the lovely sound.

The beauty of the girl in love
Is she came from the sky above.
For whatever reason,
You know this moment’s owned
By the sweet perfume, and the effervescent essence
Permeating the aroma
Already provided
By something which shows up when you least expect it.

Love and luck:
May all be blessed with it.


•August 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

We are the people
Who run our own lives
In the best way that we can.
But in this time of riddles and gags
You seem to misunderstand.
We own ourselves no matter what
The big bullies who grew up enforce.
No matter the rainbow
No matter the shine
They seem to try to keep us aligned
With the rhythm they set that’s punctured and broken
Like a public record-player requiring a token.
This madness is eating away at our guts
And pouring our souls out gets us stuck in ruts.
Why all this?
Some petty feeling of power?
.. When you were young, did you ever receive a flower?
Something, like art, should have let you realize
Our differences are pure
And it is unwise
To try to keep us under for a mere moolah prize.
Your incentive is whack.
You smoke it like crack.
…A record of your heroic efforts?…

Excuse me, sir,
These are my arms.
What are you doing with these?
Didn’t I call you
The other night
To ask you to protect me?
When in fear I called the number
We are supposed to daily
If ever we need help to fend off
What is disturbing the peace.
But why are you all so free
To take my dignity?
What’s the difference between you
And the source of yesterday’s suffering?

Your grasp is more painful than that of those
You hand-cuffed recently
For not listening when one had screamed
“Please let go of me.”

Your Face

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My stomach has knots
And this time, it’s lots.
Not so on the spot
Are my thoughts in these knots.

I think I have blurred
My mind.
It’s absurd!
Toward which direction do I face?

The wind points me here
The flock points me there.

Your face…

It is everywhere.

In Front of Me?

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I am gazing into a sunset
And you are not here.
I am wishing for this moment
To be when I hold you near.
But I am not so fortunate
To stay the course of the wind.

My dear?
Have I lost touch with what I want?
Do I know,
Do I see?
You are pretty perfect
When you stand in front of me.
Thanks for understanding my road so intimately.

But what makes me shudder and shake
Is this incredibly tense belly ache
Wanting your arms and your heart to take
A gaze into my crazy race.
The road is rocky
And destination so distant.

You master making me smile
Within a radiant instant.


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This life’s melody is rich with sincerity and strength.
The beat is made of toss-ups in my head.
My world is thriving on its melody’s paycheck…
but the check comes once a month and is not very full, yet
I do get
Some confusion amoung the masses.
Caught up in many mini surprises;

Resulting in a life not-so-smoothe.
Not so melodic, afterall.
Smoothe transitions don’t work in my world.
I set it all up this way.
Eats at me each day.
Here I sit, wishing things could be different..
As if I couldn’t change them within a second.

But truth and love always prevail
And never do I need to fear that I’ll fail.
Regardless of the joy I get in an instant
That’s gone when another decides to be distant.
I’ll always have the chemistry
That can take me away from anxiety.
I’ll chill out and let myself be.
For this is the road I set for me.

So, will you set your stride with mine
As I walk this yellow-brick line?
I could always use some company
To go with my melody.