Only You, Only me. Sitting in this Willow tree.

Looking Up.

I wonder where the angels are.
Watching me as I sleep.
I wonder where they are.
Are they company you keep?
I wonder what keeps me up
When I should be so down.
I wonder why my mess glitters up.
And from where comes its sound?
Love and its special light.
Please, help me stop these fights.
Love, let time heal faster
My heart’s weak stance.
Help let sweet melodies have a chance.
I need to be inside a great trance
So sorrow can leave me alone;
Then splendor about all love known.
His heart’s light hath shown
The beauty of mine own.
With this, a gift was bestowed.
Help, angels, let me upload
The zen from future’s promised bliss.
Life, help me feel my love’s sweet kiss.

~ by The Skies Serene on March 7, 2010.

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