We The P(ress)eople

Dramarama comes in all shapes and all sizes.
And the main thing that we all come to realize is
All of the falls, and all of the rises.
Unnecessary traces
Of bitterness’ races..
Unnecessary causes
To turn on the mad faucets
Spewing out no logic
But words so close to toxic.
We waste our breath, hoping
That we win the battle, coping.
We spin our minds and hearts into spools.
We forget who we are,
We forget why we’re here;
And all of the mess, magically, gets into gear.
We become hypocrites, the more we delve fourth.
We become ultimate
Negativity warts.
Lose sight of our worth
And then we become
Love’s true enemy.
Fit enough for fight
But weak enough to damage destiny.
And quick enough for envy.
But despite all the sensation
Likened to taking over a nation
We try to deplete ourselves of our grand creations.
In hopes that our sanity will see better reason.
We want this all to melt, in the end,
So embrace it.

~ by The Skies Serene on May 15, 2010.

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