Haikus by Serena


It’s a summer’s day.
So I have got to say “hey,
Where is your bathing suit?

In Loving Memories

Loved your smile so much.
Loved every bit of your charm.
Love life without you.


I am breathing in.
Your scent rushes over.
I am breathing out.

Loving Shield

Lucky for you, you
Have a loving character;
‘Cause I can’t stand you.

Come with

Wonderful lady
Please won’t you take my hand?
Fly with me, lovely.

Hello to Hell

Mars is so hot it
Makes me think of a hell pit.
Take me to Mars now.

Be Kind

Where is your kindness?
Does it only live with her?
Just with your daughter?

Choices Made

Selective am I
With my choices in pride’s eye.
In denial not.


Let life sweep you up,
And always admit to life.
For all get swept up.


Examine your life.
The masterpiece that it is.
It’s the one you own.

~ by The Skies Serene on May 27, 2010.

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