Look At Yourself

When one won’t own up to his/her mistakes, it is semi tolerable.. Once one decides to shun another by saying he/she equals them, while still not owning up… that deserves poetry.

So sad and pathetic.
You chose drama over friendship.
Not my fault you believe all the lies.
And I thought, all this time, you were able to sympathize.
I guess you have to grow
A heart before you know
A friendship goes both ways.
Look inside and see.
Stop talking shit, these days.
We care not for this haze,
You brainwashing maid.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
Your bull makes us all zombies.
Waiting for some life-breeze
To put our tension at ease.
Put on your underwear, knowing
I did less than half your showing.
You did more than anyone I ever, ever knew.
Now you want to make my life
Into a negative stew.
You did this to me constantly,
And I always forgave.
So excuse me when I let you know
I never risked your name.
That was you
You incredibly selfish little dame.
If I had done what you said I did
Your location wouldn’t be the same.
Sorry, now there is that anger
That I cannot tame.
It is very interesting
How easily you lay blame.
As if a friend doesn’t make mistakes
And fall over, insane.
As if her mind does not slip up
Like yours has in your change.
I guess we’ll see
Who runs to thee
When they need a friend.
I doubt it will be anybody
Worth it, in the end.

~ by The Skies Serene on June 4, 2010.

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