Concentration Too Heavy

Where is mine?
Did its time.
Now I am left without a dime.
Without means to survive
In this pompus social grime.

Arguing with myself.
Constantly unsure.
Indecisive nature
Taking me slightly under.
Thanks, life, for not letting me slip all the way.
Be right back in a moment.
..I need a drink.

Now, gentlemen of the court,
Let me think.
Let me ponder the ideas you have waved in my face.
Let me decide whether to listen again.
…Oh, wait… Am I not of authority?
Well, then
Action I will take.
Be right back in a moment.
..I need to quake.

Should I converse with you again?
Or should I let you be?
I cannot decide
For the life of me.
Your smile,
Your humor,
Your pure ruby heart
Remind me
You’re truly
A masterpiece of art.

She is there for you.
It is clear.
Maybe I should just drift away, dear.
But the chemistry is what I fear.
Will I find it again somewhere?
My fingers are running through my hair.
My teeth are biting, as if in despair.
It is time to set my mind on “glide.”

My life of law is on one side.
The other is starting to collide
With this seed I am planting in my mind
That I need more attention on me this time.
I cannot stop at validating what’s crime.
I have to look inward to find
The motive for even being alive.
Not like I feel I am living a lie
But I do feel my ego as it subsides;
And why must that happen at the drop of a dime?

I guess I will find out
When I re-piece my mind.

~ by The Skies Serene on August 25, 2010.

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