Do You See A Window

Do you see a rainbow
In the distance here?
Do you see a sunshine
Glowing brightly, dear?
I see something changing
And making me decide
That all the world’s a stage
And all try to outsmart with lies.
It’s easy to be sucked
Into a void of mess
But we must really think
Of how we fail our tests.
Test yourself once
Test yourself.
Your vice?..
Something cynical takes over you.
But is it anything but change knocking on your door?
I say it proudly:
I am no attention whore.
And when I know my morals are pure
It goes to show me how I can’t take more
Of the abuse I give to myself at this time.
I cannot afford to just sit, dream, and rhyme.
There are more important things at stake.
Like my smile staying true, not fake.
There are many goals I have
To make
Myself into a cheerful person.
I stopped, opened my eyes,
And closed them again
Because I felt obligated to giving in
To the disease that is called “pedestal fever”.

Can someone please hand me a meat cleaver?
…I’d like to stuff my face with food.
Maybe that’ll help create a better mood.

I am stuck
But only in my rut.
The other things in my life are gold.
I had been putting my dreams on hold.

~ by The Skies Serene on August 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Do You See A Window”

  1. you have so many talented poetry work here,
    how divine!
    I love your talent,
    hope that you share with others…


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