Living On Throughout The Craze

I am indeed
Determined to succeed.
Caught between
Short melodies.
Longing for some songs I need
To laugh away my temptation-speed.
Stuck, but never
Stuck forever.
But never
Giddy forever.

Playing the song of life in my head
Almost exhausts me right to bed.
I cannot believe this pressure here.
Not negative, but determined.
I have no fear…

But I do have injustice floating around.
Who doesn’t?
…Unless you live in the ground.
Oppression takes love to a dungeon and destroys it
Passion must subside
To make room for pressure’s exit.

…But it never exits.
It is ‘the man’.
Gravitating us
To the greedy translation plan.
Lost in words, excuses, and rhymes
They try to justify
The “Hard times”
They generously give at the drop of a hat…
If we don’t comply to a baseball bat.

But we will succeed
Despite all the greed.
The greed that kills, I mean.
We need our greed
In order to be free
But for now,
This wall is too tall!

…But soon, maybe
Our new family
Will get rid of this injustice,

~ by The Skies Serene on August 25, 2010.

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