This life’s melody is rich with sincerity and strength.
The beat is made of toss-ups in my head.
My world is thriving on its melody’s paycheck…
but the check comes once a month and is not very full, yet
I do get
Some confusion amoung the masses.
Caught up in many mini surprises;

Resulting in a life not-so-smoothe.
Not so melodic, afterall.
Smoothe transitions don’t work in my world.
I set it all up this way.
Eats at me each day.
Here I sit, wishing things could be different..
As if I couldn’t change them within a second.

But truth and love always prevail
And never do I need to fear that I’ll fail.
Regardless of the joy I get in an instant
That’s gone when another decides to be distant.
I’ll always have the chemistry
That can take me away from anxiety.
I’ll chill out and let myself be.
For this is the road I set for me.

So, will you set your stride with mine
As I walk this yellow-brick line?
I could always use some company
To go with my melody.


~ by The Skies Serene on August 25, 2010.

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