In My Heart

Though we will always disagree
You are in my heart.
Though you I’ll never want to see

You’re still in my heart.
All our plans were fantasy–
You drove us apart.
Though to you it’s all money
You are in my heart.

Even though you stole from me
You are in my heart.
Though you pretended to help me
You’re still in my heart.
No matter how far apart we’ll be
You’ll always have a place within me.
The kind words and hugs we shared
In my heart never disappeared.
Half a year is a long time.
I hate to see the ending rhymes
But that is just how it has to be.
Your shaky soul is still tied to me.
Due to the sweet memories that will linger till last I breathe
I wish you the best there could ever be.
Too bad we can’t still be family
Though we will never change this fact.
I want you to know
That in my prayers’ act
Your name will be in the back of my mind.
Unshakable till the end of time.
It saddens me things ended like they did.
I will never wish ill on you
But you know what you did.
Maybe you should think before you act.
You’re almost at angel status
But here on Earth you lack
The ability to apply your knowledge
At the same time as your past.
Renew yourself.
You’re almost there.

Just appreciate

What is where.

And stay away from other people’s things.

This doesn’t rhyme well.
But I hope you see

Things soon may work out for you.

Fine, thanks; they are working out well for me.


~ by The Skies Serene on May 23, 2013.

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