Me, So Far.

Greetings from the roller-coaster life of my creativity.

My name is Serena, I was born March of ’89 and I love living life through my heart, curiosity, and willingness to dare.
You only get one life, right (or at least that you can remember)?

I was born in NY(I know my pizzas ;-)), lived in the suburbs there, then moved to NH at the age of 8; arriving with my mother, father, brother, and sister (who are ridiculously genuine and talented people, by the way).
My parents separated when I was twelve, which was dealt with in some complicated ways, but all is well and dandy.

I went to Waldorf school most of my life until I got to high school, so the arts are very ingrained into my being.

I like to sing, write, act, make jewelry, knit, take photographs, draw, paint, hoard, and supply.

That’s the general gist. I am better at writing about other things than myself, so let’s go on a journey together.

Me wearing earrings I made.
Taken by my friend, Lalae 1/6/10.
I’ll see if she’ll get an account on here.


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