Do You See A Window

•August 25, 2010 • 2 Comments

Do you see a rainbow
In the distance here?
Do you see a sunshine
Glowing brightly, dear?
I see something changing
And making me decide
That all the world’s a stage
And all try to outsmart with lies.
It’s easy to be sucked
Into a void of mess
But we must really think
Of how we fail our tests.
Test yourself once
Test yourself.
Your vice?..
Something cynical takes over you.
But is it anything but change knocking on your door?
I say it proudly:
I am no attention whore.
And when I know my morals are pure
It goes to show me how I can’t take more
Of the abuse I give to myself at this time.
I cannot afford to just sit, dream, and rhyme.
There are more important things at stake.
Like my smile staying true, not fake.
There are many goals I have
To make
Myself into a cheerful person.
I stopped, opened my eyes,
And closed them again
Because I felt obligated to giving in
To the disease that is called “pedestal fever”.

Can someone please hand me a meat cleaver?
…I’d like to stuff my face with food.
Maybe that’ll help create a better mood.

I am stuck
But only in my rut.
The other things in my life are gold.
I had been putting my dreams on hold.


Living On Throughout The Craze

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I am indeed
Determined to succeed.
Caught between
Short melodies.
Longing for some songs I need
To laugh away my temptation-speed.
Stuck, but never
Stuck forever.
But never
Giddy forever.

Playing the song of life in my head
Almost exhausts me right to bed.
I cannot believe this pressure here.
Not negative, but determined.
I have no fear…

But I do have injustice floating around.
Who doesn’t?
…Unless you live in the ground.
Oppression takes love to a dungeon and destroys it
Passion must subside
To make room for pressure’s exit.

…But it never exits.
It is ‘the man’.
Gravitating us
To the greedy translation plan.
Lost in words, excuses, and rhymes
They try to justify
The “Hard times”
They generously give at the drop of a hat…
If we don’t comply to a baseball bat.

But we will succeed
Despite all the greed.
The greed that kills, I mean.
We need our greed
In order to be free
But for now,
This wall is too tall!

…But soon, maybe
Our new family
Will get rid of this injustice,

Hitting Me

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Like a bolder, it hits me.
Like a dagger, it splits me.
I now trust no one with knowledge of my trials.
I know this end sure beats being in denial
But I cannot help but think
To disappear for a while.
My lungs are gasping for my past comforts.
Distorted are my guts, and they’re spinning in the bile.
My mind is taking a toll on my efforts
And crying I am with a whimper that hurts.
I handle things well
Enough for my sanity
But in this moment’s time
I wish I had more vanity.

Concentration Too Heavy

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Where is mine?
Did its time.
Now I am left without a dime.
Without means to survive
In this pompus social grime.

Arguing with myself.
Constantly unsure.
Indecisive nature
Taking me slightly under.
Thanks, life, for not letting me slip all the way.
Be right back in a moment.
..I need a drink.

Now, gentlemen of the court,
Let me think.
Let me ponder the ideas you have waved in my face.
Let me decide whether to listen again.
…Oh, wait… Am I not of authority?
Well, then
Action I will take.
Be right back in a moment.
..I need to quake.

Should I converse with you again?
Or should I let you be?
I cannot decide
For the life of me.
Your smile,
Your humor,
Your pure ruby heart
Remind me
You’re truly
A masterpiece of art.

She is there for you.
It is clear.
Maybe I should just drift away, dear.
But the chemistry is what I fear.
Will I find it again somewhere?
My fingers are running through my hair.
My teeth are biting, as if in despair.
It is time to set my mind on “glide.”

My life of law is on one side.
The other is starting to collide
With this seed I am planting in my mind
That I need more attention on me this time.
I cannot stop at validating what’s crime.
I have to look inward to find
The motive for even being alive.
Not like I feel I am living a lie
But I do feel my ego as it subsides;
And why must that happen at the drop of a dime?

I guess I will find out
When I re-piece my mind.

Take Me Out of This Ball Game

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Take me out of this ball game.

Take me out of the dark.

Find me some laughter and harmony.

I don’t care if my voice shakes or cracks.

For I know myself better than you.

If you win I repel blame.

For I’ve hit this ball many times.

Time to find my name.

Walk with me for an hour.

I will follow your lead.

Tell me you’re happy under this sky

I will nodd as if I do know why

And we’ll see just what is in store, dear.

Your smile will save me from shame.

So I guess we’ll see how we feel

When I’ve changed my game.

Like Limbo

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Up, down, side to side.

I pivot left, I pivot right.

Slow me down

Before there’s a fight.

Pin my arms.

Do it tonight.

I am in the world of confusion.

And Limbo ain’t ‘got beat’, this nation.

All the stumble fumble mumbles.

All the sorrows and the troubles.

Dancing with the music softly

But the music also carries lofty

Tragedies I can stomach not.

Whistling, I hear a pin drop.

Consciously I live my life.

Subconsciously I count my strifes.

Eventually I will chill tonight.

Emensely I will feel my light.

All I need

And all I ever will

Is for us

To be perfectly still

And not disrupt my train of thought.

Love and lust have been for naught.

So silly my mind has over time got.

Laughter on its way,

It screams:

Help yourself

Find your dreams.

Laughter on its way,

It cries:

You must not tell yourself lies.

Laughter on its way,

It sings:

You can do most anything.

Friend of mine… He May Seem Kind…

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Little girl, little girl
Grow a healthy outlook like you should.

Little girl, little girl
Tell me how you can take this lightly…

You are a beautiful female with heart.
I think you need to recreate your plot…
Because without
A sudden change
You may actually end up falling apart.

Little girl, little girl
He lies only to your good nature.
He will lie endlessly
Till you will regret affiliation!!!

Someday he’ll take you for granted

Until you’re lying on the floor….

Just because
Just because
You choose not to listen to us…

Steeeeal his clothes!